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Law sites should position firms as thought leaders

Tim ThurnWritten by Tim Thurn
Jan 31, 2017 10:15:00 AM

Law firm websites once all tended to have a certain look and feel --- they emphasized the expertise firms offer, which meant spotlighting their attorneys and their bona fides, such as cases won, awards, scholarly articles published and educational background.


But if that’s all your law firm site is doing these days, it’s time to make some changes. Many firms have come to realize that people coming to their sites, both existing and potential clients, want more.

Instead of just reading about the firm’s expertise, they want to see and be able to tap into it. That means having attorneys write on their areas of expertise, looking at recent development and cases. It also means having helpful tools on-site.

It’s a case of going from talking about being experts to demonstrating that your firm really is a place with a depth of knowledge that can help clients.

  • One firm we at Duo Consulting worked with had, in the past, put up press releases and considered that the “news” on its site. But we were able add content by a group of its attorneys in their area of focus to demonstrate its thought leadership. Also added to its site were actionable tools that allowed visitors to find out how to deal with various legal issues.
  • At Duo, we maximize the overall user experience and user interface to make this information as accessible as possible. By cross-pollinating the information dynamically throughout the site, this thought leadership adds value to attorney profiles, showcases useful information in practice areas, and allows visitors to take advantage of podcasts, videos, whitepapers and other resources within the global news output of the firm.
  • Our use of Drupal for the site allowed the flexibility to create specific user roles and permissions levels for posting by attorneys at the firm so the subject experts could post directly, saving time for the firm’s knowledge management department in the process.

All of that drove site visits up and also increased time on site per visit, something that increases search engine optimization for the site, basically raising its visibility in searches.

Your prime take-aways from this if you’re at a law firm:

  1. Make your site as accessible and engaging as possible.
  2. Expose your firm’s individuality by profiling your attorneys’ expertise
  3. Increase site contributors with well structured content management system and publishing workflow to decrease time to publish
  4. Do more than talk about your knowledge leadership, demonstrate it with content and tools to help existing clients and potential clients.

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