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Understanding the Critical Metrics for Your Drupal Business [Video]

Michael SilvermanWritten by Michael Silverman
Jun 6, 2016 9:28:35 AM

At DrupalCon New Orleans, Dave Terry, Co-founder and Partner of Mediacurrent, and I presented a session titled Understanding the Critical Metrics for Your Drupal Business. The session addressed the truth about being in the trenches of actually running an agency and the challenges that come along with it. Instead of giving vague, well-intended advice, in our session we shared the critical metrics we measure and how this has led to successful growth for our businesses.

Understanding the Critical Metrics for Your Drupal Business

We started by discussing how you have to know where you’re going and what your goal is before you can figure out how well you’re doing. We also touched on great books that helped us focus on this and organizations we joined for support in our journey.

Dave started out by noting how:

“Culture is the only sustainable, competitive advantage any of us in this room have.”

He touched on Simon Sinek’s book and TED Talk: Start With Why and how this book helped him develop and maintain his company culture and story. What is your company’s purpose? What is your why? You need to figure this out before you can be successful. After defining who you are, why you do what you do, and where you want to go, you can begin to measure your success.

Some suggestions for measuring this include year end surveys, quarterly KPIs, continuing education stipend, Slack channels, and more. 

In the session we also discussed a core set of topics focused around creating greater operational efficiency, including:

  • Financials: revenue, margins, EBITDA, and managing and utilizing cash flow
  • Sales/Marketing: business development, creating brand awareness, and the best tools and resources to leverage
  • Human Resources: culture, recruiting and benefits

watch the session on youtube

Thanks to the Drupal Association, you can watch the entire recorded session Understanding the Critical Metrics for your Drupal Business on YouTube. If you have any questions on the session or your Drupal site in general please, feel free to reach out to me

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