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Drupal for Business

At Duo, we build connections.

Free UX Site Review at the Digital Summit Chicago

Last year, Duo CEO Michael Silverman attended The Digital Summit here in Chicago. I still remember him coming back to the office and telling the team that it was an event we should get involved with.

Fast forward to this year, and Duo is proud to be a sponsor of what is billed as “The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering.”

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Drupal Must-Have Modules: Search API

What does the Search API module do?

The Search API module allows a site administrator to create flexible, detailed, robust search indexes that more semantically define what content is. It allows you to index your content and customize it in a way that makes sure everything appears when and where it is supposed to. It ensures that everything you want to appear in a search actually appears, making for a more effective search.

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Drupal vs Wordpress for Marketers in 2018

Last month, most of our Duo team traveled to Nashville for DrupalCon 2018. The annual event brought more than 3,000 Drupal developers and advocates together to discuss the latest changes and trends with the platform. Every time I’ve attended DrupalCon, I’ve left energized about the platform’s future and inspired to bring that excitement to our clients. This year was no different.

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Drupal Paragraphs Module & Flex Pages

One of Drupal’s greatest strengths is its variety of modules that help users and developers to customize the platform to their specific needs. As part of an ongoing series, we asked Duo team members to spotlight one module they think is a must-have for any Drupal site.

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Drupalgeddon 2.0 & Drupal Security

A little more than one month ago, the Drupal Security team alerted the Drupal community that a necessary security update was on its way to fix a major vulnerability that put more than one million Drupal-run websites at risk.

Dubbed Drupalgeddon 2.0 for its potential severity, the patch was designed for Drupal Core and developed to put a stop to the bug before it could inflict much damage.

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Deciding between Drupal and WordPress

Congratulations! Your business wants a new website, and you’ve been put in charge with determining what content management system (CMS) you should go with: WordPress or Drupal.

Let the fun begin.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Drupal Agency

As you begin a new website project — be it redesigning an existing site or creating a new hub for content from scratch — there are a number of questions for you to consider. What do you want the site to look like? How is your content going to be organized? What platform are you going to use for your content management system?

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Service over Technology

As a sales manager here at Duo, I am in the fortunate position to talk with a lot of potential clients. During those conversations, the question I get most frequently - and the one that frankly I like answering the most - is why a potential client should choose Duo instead of another agency.

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Drupal, Salesforce and Community


On this blog, we've frequently talked about one of Drupal's biggest strengths being its dedicated community of developers spread around the world. These developers are constantly making updates to modules and managing the security of the open-source software so that Drupal-site owners don't have to worry about the safety and functionality of their website.

But what does that process actually look like?

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