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Showcasing your Expertise with Drupal

Tim ThurnWritten by Tim Thurn
Jan 22, 2018 12:20:00 PM

One of the partners at Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP), focuses on venture capital investments in the cloud-computing and Internet sectors. He is consistently ranked as one of the top global investors across all industry sectors.

He currently helps BVP invest in companies like DocuSign — the world’s largest electronic signature platform — and Simply Measured — which developed a variety of social media reporting tools.

He also is a four-time Rugby Collegiate National Champion who is an Ironman finisher and married to his college sweetheart.

Why am I telling you this?

showcasing your expertise.jpg
Photo by Rita Morais

When it comes to Private Equity and Venture Capital (VC) firms, the goal of their websites is to highlight their personnel and their expertise. The sites are much more about validation rather than straight marketing.

b.pngThat is why when you land on the biography page for this partner — or any of his colleagues — on the BVP website, you can learn about who he is, what his background is and what companies he’s helped invest in. For this partner, there are also videos of him appearing on national television, samples of him delivering public speeches and interesting facts to know about him. 

Providing more compelling biographies was part of a larger content overhaul we facilitated with BVP when we helped migrate the company’s site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. 

Ultimately, the best way for a firm to highlight its expertise is to showcase the variety of firms its invested in. That is why creating an engaging way for BVP to display its portfolio was one of the most important tasks we tackled during the migration. 

Now, when you visit the BVP website, you can easily scroll between companies the firm has invested in. You can learn basic info about each company, like what it is or when BVP invested. You can also click directly to their social media channels or see their Twitter timeline embedded within the BVP site. Just as importantly, you can discover the BVP team members responsible for the investment and find out about related portfolio companies. 
That’s a lot of information that is seamlessly integrated within the website — and it is all thanks to Drupal. The platform’s ability to work with various modules and third-party applications help private equity and venture capital firms display more robust content — like news articles or stock data — on their website.

For example, BVP invests in LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp and Box. Imagine how much time it would take to write news stories or press releases about new information relating to just those four companies. That could be an entire department’s full-time job, and there probably still would be stories that would go uncovered.

Thanks to Drupal, though, that content can be pulled in dynamically, freeing up hundreds of hours of time for BVP and its employees. 

I mentioned above that Private Equity/VC firms use their website to highlight their expertise. Because of that, it wouldn’t be surprising to find a Private Equity/VC website that is very self-centered and inward focused, providing users only with information that makes the firm look good. BVP spins this approach on its head, and candidly, it’s refreshing.

Sure, BVP emphasizes its portfolio and the prime investments the firm’s made. But BVP is also not shy about revealing mistakes its employers have made along the way. That is why, in the main navigation, directly under Portfolio Companies is a link for the firm’s “Anti-Portfolio.” Here’s how the firm introduces the page:

Bessemer Venture Partners is perhaps the nation's oldest venture  capital firm, tracing our roots back to the Carnegie Steel empire. This long and storied history has afforded our firm an unparalleled number of opportunities to completely screw up.” The page goes on to list popular companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and PayPal that BVP had a chance to invest in but didn’t. The page, which theoretically is highlighting the firm’s mistakes, ultimately makes the firm more endearing because of its honesty and transparency. It’s a tricky move, but BVP pulls it off well. 

BVP is just one example of a Private Equity/VC firm that turned to us looking for help showcasing their credibility and experience to potential clients. We’ve also worked with firms with a limited budget that still wanted to highlight their portfolio and credibility.

Arsenal Capital Partners (ACP) is one such example. The ACP team approached us looking for a more engaging site on a platform that could help them evolve over time. And they didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Drupal was the natural choice. Rather than building a fully-customized site from scratch, we employed an in-house foundational theme that made it possible to skip a number of the early steps of the site building process, like wireframes and prototypes. With this theme, we were able to devote the majority of our time to customizing the site to best fit the needs of ACP. One of these needs was having a site that was more robust with content. Like BVP, we were able to categorize news items; this allowed us to cross-pollinate content across the site, making the site appear to have more content than it actually does.

No matter the size of the firm, Drupal makes it possible for Private Equity/VC firms to showcase their portfolios and demonstrate their expertise. Give us a call and we’d be happy to see how we ca use Drupal to benefit you and your Private Equity/VC firm.

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