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OpenInbound - Better than HubSpot & Drupal?

Rich LawsonWritten by Rich Lawson
May 29, 2017 8:11:00 AM

Every time I attend DrupalCon North America, I’m impressed by the creative work that is showcased. This year was no different.

Last month several colleagues and I descended on Baltimore, where we participated in the five-day event, the largest Drupal event in the world. As informative and inspiring as the sessions are, I’ve found that the best value comes from the people you meet and the new connections you’re able to make.
At this year’s DrupalCon, Duo CEO Michael Silverman and I had a great conversation with Lukas Fischer, who is the CEO and Founder of netnode.ch in Zurich, Switzerland. He demoed the OpenInbound module for us, and I have to say, I was impressed.OpenInbound Marketing Dashboard ImageOpenInbound can provide a wealth of information to your marketing or sales team. Here’s how the product is described on the OpenInbound website:

“OpenInbound is like Google Analytics but instead of tracking visits and page views, OpenInbound tracks contacts and their interactions on websites. OpenInbound is a solution for marketing and sales teams who want to apply modern Content/Inbound Marketing tactics on websites.”

OpenInbound integrates really well with Drupal. Upon seeing the demo, I quickly got excited because it provides a lot of great marketing information. What I like most is:

  • It tracks Drupal sessions to capture information about visitors to your site
  • It integrates with Webform, a module in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 that allows site administrators to build really great custom forms. These forms can be embedded to create really powerful landing pages for CTAs, SEM/email campaigns, and more.

Duo has often worked with clients to connect Webforms with CRMs and marketing automation platforms. With West Unified Communications Services, for example, we integrated Webforms with Eloqua, a marketing automation platform from Oracle, creating custom tokens to track a variety of powerful information. Since languages and regions are so important on West’s platform, we created tokens that can be used to route form submissions based on a particular user's location and language preference.

Having OpenInbound integrate with Webforms could help us learn even more about the people who are interacting with our clients’ sites. It's great to see that OpenInbound integrates with a Drupal module that is so widely used so that any necessary additional integrations (connecting with a CRM, for example) can be added as well.


Here are some of the other nice aspects about OpenInbound:

Pricing model

OpenInbound’s pricing model is where it really differentiates itself from Hubspot. Instead of paying based on the number of contacts — like how Hubspot is set up — OpenInbound’s prices are based on the amount of traffic your site receives. In fact, OpenInbound offers an unlimited number of contacts in all of its plans, including the free version.

Simple structure

Services like Hubspot and Marketo can both be great options for clients. But sometimes, those services and others like them just offer way more functionality and options than our clients actually need, and the breadth can be overwhelming. I say it as a compliment that OpenInbound is more of a lightweight option. They are clear in what they offer, which makes it pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Stay in Drupal

Tools like Hubspot and Marketo require users to go off-site to view custom landing pages hosted on those respective platforms. OpenInbound is baked right in to Drupal, though, so URLs don’t have to change. You can manage the content for a landing page from within Drupal, just as you do all of your other content, making use of relationships between your content to create complex blocks and Views that can expose even more of your content to your users.

Attractive dashboard

It features a dashboard that clearly presents results of your marketing efforts. I also like that there is an actual display of your marketing funnel there in the dashboard to help you have an immediate visual understanding of your lead generation and tracking.

Easy integration

OpenInbound offers a module for Drupal that only requires that you download the module and add the API key.OI_mailchimp-650940-edited.png

OpenInbound, as it further develops, looks like it could be a viable alternative to services like HubSpot. Thanks to DrupalCon for helping me connect with Lukas. I can’t wait to make more connections at next year’s event.

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