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MidCamp, DrupalCon and the Incredible Drupal Community

Michael SilvermanWritten by Michael Silverman
May 2, 2016 9:39:03 AM

This year I was on the planning and organization committee for MidCamp for the first time. I had to no idea what to expect going into it especially since, at MidCamp last year, I was completely new to Drupal and didn’t know anyone in the community. Little did I know, volunteering to help plan and organize MidCamp would turn out to be one of the best things I did all year! I got to learn so much about the amazing Drupal community and meet a bunch of seriously awesome individuals.


It was really incredible to see how much Drupal truly is powered by the passionate and dedicated members of its community. Our meetings were always highly organized and efficient and we had fun too. I connected with this group in a really unexpected way as they accepted me right away even with my still limited knowledge of Drupal. They also valued my skills as a marketer even if I couldn’t do much to participate in sprints! I learned from them and they learned from me too. It was also really great to see members of the Duo team speaking at MidCamp this year and really getting into the camp events. We had two team members, Aaron and Scott, present sessions this year.


“The session I presented was great. I had 45-50 people in it, I think. My favorite session was Fire Drill: Preparing and Testing for a Traffic Spike. Matt Ramir and Madison Major provided a lot of helpful and practical information about how to plan for a traffic spike. The context of the session was that of an eCommerce site that is about to get a hit from a flash sale or nationwide coupon, but the concepts apply to other types of sites. Going through the different layers of caching, expanding infrastructure both vertically and horizontally, testing, and tools were all covered. There were a few items highlighted that I didn't know existed.” - Scott Weston

In addition to our speakers, we had a number of team members attend the camp to learn and connect. Here’s what they had to say about this year’s camp:

“This was another great mid-camp. I really appreciated the variety and breadth of topics this year. There were at least a couple really good sessions which I'd like to go back and watch the videos for again, especially Marc Drummond's session on responsive images. Drupal 8 does a really nice job of providing a good foundation for working with the picture element, and Marc did a nice job of walking through that.” - Michael Girgis


“I thought MidCamp had much better quality sessions this year.  I came out of it with a nice refresher on D8 theming which is great since we'll start getting some d8 sites soon.  But also some great info on building interactive style guides, dealing with responsive images, and how to change / improve your processes.” - Wade Stewart

Even our CEO, Michael, weighed in on how happy he was with this year’s camp:

“I was really impressed by the number of attendees and the general level of activity in the main hall, there seemed to be a lot of excitement around Drupal 8.  The sense I had is that the adoption of Drupal 8 will be much faster than Drupal 7 in January 2011.”

As we move forward from MidCamp and into DrupalCon New Orleans we’re preparing to get the most out of the event as possible. When discussing MidCamp, Scott went on to say:

“The camp was a good opportunity to step back from the day-to-day of developing Drupal sites to learn from our colleagues in the Midwest about what's new and emerging in the Drupal world.”

This will be true of DrupalCon as well, but on an even larger scale. Our team is looking forward to sponsoring, attending and speaking at DrupalCon New Orleans! Keep an eye out for details coming to you soon about our sweet (actually, spicy) giveaway, the exciting session we have planned, and more!

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