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Free UX Site Review at the Digital Summit Chicago

Tim CruseWritten by Tim Cruse
Aug 8, 2018 12:57:49 PM

Last year, Duo CEO Michael Silverman attended The Digital Summit here in Chicago. I still remember him coming back to the office and telling the team that it was an event we should get involved with.

Fast forward to this year, and Duo is proud to be a sponsor of what is billed as “The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering.”

The 2018 Digital Summit will be held Sept. 26-27 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, and personally, I can’t wait. Obviously at Duo, we specialize in using Drupal to create digital marketing platforms, but this is one of those opportunities where we’re able to take off our Drupal hats and see what other companies are using and what new products are being rolled out. We also will have a booth at the Summit, and we’re looking forward to hearing about pain points and challenges that attendees face.

In fact, we’re excited to offer a special promotion for Summit attendees. The first five attendees to email me will receive a free UX site review and analysis from our talented Duo team at The Summit. That’s right, all you have to do is email me (tcruse@duoconsulting.com) and you can have your site assessed for what works well for users and what areas could potentially be improved.

Now, you might ask why you’d want a review from a Drupal shop if your site isn’t built with Drupal. Well, the reality is we don’t consider ourselves a Drupal shop. We think of ourselves as creators of digital marketing experiences. Yes, we’ve decided to use Drupal as a way to develop most of those experiences, but the reality is in 2018, we put more of our attention on experiences than platforms — and you should too.

Think about how digital marketing experiences have evolved. First there were desktops. Then there were laptops. Then there Blackberrys and smartphones. Now, we’ve got clients asking us to create digital experiences using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice-integrated products. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving ecosystem.

One of the benefits of using Drupal to manage that ecosystem is it allows you to use best-of-breed products and integrations when it comes to your digital and content marketing needs. Where we pride ourselves is being able to help clients clearly see what their digital needs are and then select options that best meet those needs.

What excites me about The Summit is it offers attendees with some incredible opportunities to hear about the latest trends in digital marketing from some of the top industry experts and companies in the world. Just take a look at some of these session titles:

  • Artificial Reality + Artificial Intelligence: Co-Creating the Most Personalized Consumer Experience
  • Original Programming is the new Content Marketing
  • How to Millenial-Proof Your Customer Journey Strategy
  • Social Commerce Strategies that Drive Sales

Plus, attendees will get to hear from dozens of digital marketing experts, including:

  • Mitch Lowe - co-founder of Netflix
  • Stacy Minero - head of brand strategy at Twitter
  • Mayur Gupta - global vp of growth and marketing at Spotify

The list goes on and on. If you’re interested in developing your digital marketing experience, you don’t want to miss The Digital Summit. And if you are going to attend the Summit, remember, email me now and you could get a free UX site review from Duo’s design and UX experts.

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