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Duo Recognized with Four WebAwards

Michael SilvermanWritten by Michael Silverman
Sep 14, 2018 7:24:56 AM

I didn’t get into this business to win awards.

In the early days here at Duo Consulting, I stressed to our team that we should focus on results, not recognition. That is a mantra I’ve maintained to this day.

That being said, if we are able to create a product that pleases our client and gets industry-wide recognition, I certainly won’t complain. That is why I’m proud to share that Duo was recognized with four different honors in the 2018 WebAward Competition.
Duo WebAward 2018
Photo by Austin Schmid

Our team was honored to win the Best Legal Website award for our work with Much Shelist and the Best Faith-based Website for our development of the website for The Episcopal Church.

Chicago-based Much Shelist is a full-service law firm. When they approached us, their existing site was expiring in 30 days, and it needed to be moved to Drupal, fast.

Much Shelist also wanted a full brand redesign to go along with their digital efforts.

We not only rebranded the site, but we also created style guides and a branding guideline document for future reference.

As for The Episcopal Church award, that is one that is more significant to me because we’ve had a partnership with the Church for years. A conversation with church leadership made it clear that the church was looking for a major overhaul and redesign — they just didn't know it at the time.

Specifically, we helped the church rework four key aspects of the site:

  • Highlight the church’s unique values
  • Provide added flexibility
  • Create excitement with an active voice
  • Update the website’s visual style

We are incredibly happy with how the site turned out, and we’ve heard from the Church’s representatives that the website surpassed all of their expectations.

webawards2018Duo was also honored with WebAwards for Outstanding Website for FIGO and Non-Profit Standard of Excellence for our work with the Chicago Botanic Garden.

With FIGO, the first cloud-based pet insurance platform, we were able to provide a number of improvements and modifications to the site, but more than anything else, we empowered Figo's marketing and design team to maximize Drupal as a content management system (CMS).

The Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG) first approached us with a rescue project related to its ecommerce platform. We helped CBG integrate the platform with its website and gave CBG countless new opportunities to connect with — and learn about — their customers. At the same time, we delivered an improved user experience for Garden website visitors, who no longer had to be sent to an external platform to purchase tickets. Now, everything happens within the same system, making for a more unified experience.

Thank you to each and every one of our team members who helped out on each of those websites. As I said at the outset, awards are not why we do what we do — but it is always nice to know that our work is admired and appreciated.

To learn more about our work with these or other clients, please visit the Work section of our website.

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