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Content Marketing with Purpose

Michael SilvermanWritten by Michael Silverman
Jan 18, 2017 10:15:00 AM

Welcome back to the Duo Consulting blog. Content marketing has proliferated across the Web during the past five years. It’s everywhere these days and that means pretty much everyone has a blog. And everyone is writing pretty much the same thing, general pieces that you can find on blog after blog.

We will not be doing that any more. Our blog will give you real world examples of how content marketing is being done right. It will look at the interaction of content, technology and the importance good design plays in effective content marketing. And most importantly, it will give you real-world examples of how to more effectively use technology you already have.


Let’s face it, many, many companies today have bought more technology than they really know how to use. And when a new marketing challenge comes up, they often address it by buying even more.

That’s not the philosophy Duo follows in our consulting practice and it’s certainly not going to be what you read here. I like to call this “barfing on technology,” since most companies only use a third of the tech capabilities they’ve bought. Inelegant, maybe, but it hammers home the point that technology without a strategy and plan for execution will accomplish little for your organization. That will be true no matter how much content you throw up on your site.

Duo builds platforms for content marketing, so obviously we believe content marketing can be an effective marketing tool, if done correctly. We also believe in using open source and cloud-based software to create content marketing platforms, that’s why we use Drupal. That’s all said to let you know where we come from.

We plan to bring you straight talk here about content marketing, about problems that can arise and how to fix them and about how others have demonstrated effective content marketing. We’ll take a business-oriented approach to content marketing – that means talk about ways it can help you increase revenue or save costs, and hopefully motivate your employees in the process.

Our core belief is that effective content marketing is not about the technology, it’s about what you do with the technology.

And using your website effectively extends beyond just the content you put there. It’s also about the design of the site – are you listening to what your customers want and how they want to navigate your site (or does your site structure match your internal org chart)? Are you using a site that reflects your brand, one that visually demonstrates who you are as a firm? If your site still looks like it did in 2005, so will your company. Design does matter, so we’ll be writing about cases where good design made a difference.

Does your site work for the various demographic groups you’re trying to reach? Is it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Didn’t know it had to be? Then you’ll definitely want to read our posts on that topic.

How effective is your planning process, how do you deal with conflicts that arise during that process, who really owns the process?

Turning back to content marketing, how do you create content that will connect with the audience you want to reach? What if you’re going after multiple audiences? How do you drive interaction? How can new customers find your content? SEO isn’t all about keyword optimization anymore.

Our goal is to make you more effective content marketers and users of the technology, with an emphasis on open-source and the cloud. Welcome, learn and enjoy.

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