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Drupal for Business

At Duo, we build connections.

Michael Silverman

Michael is the founder and CEO of Duo, so even with his hands-off approach he has a say in every aspect of Duo’s day to day operations. Michael likes to say he’s never had a resume. After graduating college with a degree in physiology he started his first company, a business that provided custom medical equipment. But he has always had a passion for computers and technology. His first business used 3D printers 20 years before most people knew what they were. After his second business, a web company that helped people with unique medical needs find custom product, he started Duo.

Recent Posts

Why an Accessibility Audit is the Right Choice for You

At the risk of stating the obvious, making your website accessible to all users is always a good practice. Setting aside the morality of inclusive design, organizations who neglect accessibility concerns may be at risk.

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Transforming Legal Websites with Drupal

Think about these four words for a minute:
  • Transformation.
  • Growth.
  • Innovation.
  • Opportunity.
What do those words mean to you?  To me, they represent the infinite possibilities that come with a well-designed website. If a site or digital platform is built to match the needs of its company, the result can be transformational. It can lead to a growth in a customer base or overall growth in an organization. It can be innovative in how it presents content. And the opportunities, well, they are limitless. Continue Reading

Duo Recognized with Four WebAwards

I didn’t get into this business to win awards.

In the early days here at Duo Consulting, I stressed to our team that we should focus on results, not recognition. That is a mantra I’ve maintained to this day.

That being said, if we are able to create a product that pleases our client and gets industry-wide recognition, I certainly won’t complain. That is why I’m proud to share that Duo was recognized with four different honors in the 2018 WebAward Competition.

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Adding Commerce to the Drupal CMS

When you think about digital technology today, it’s easy to get inspired. Think of everything that you can do technologically today that you couldn’t do 10 years ago, or maybe even two years ago.

We have so much tech around us, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed.

This past Wednesday, I felt both feelings within a few hours of one another.

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Drupal vs Wordpress for Marketers in 2018

Last month, most of our Duo team traveled to Nashville for DrupalCon 2018. The annual event brought more than 3,000 Drupal developers and advocates together to discuss the latest changes and trends with the platform. Every time I’ve attended DrupalCon, I’ve left energized about the platform’s future and inspired to bring that excitement to our clients. This year was no different.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Drupal Agency

As you begin a new website project — be it redesigning an existing site or creating a new hub for content from scratch — there are a number of questions for you to consider. What do you want the site to look like? How is your content going to be organized? What platform are you going to use for your content management system?

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Get a Head Start on your Drupal Website

Here at Duo, we’ve helped build hundreds of websites for our clients using Drupal. Along the way, we’ve seen some common features that just about any type of business website requires.

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Why Drupal Makes Sense for Nonprofits

Last year, we took on a fascinating project to overhaul the Cook County government website. We faced a number of interesting challenges along the way, from how to organize the vast array of bureaus, agencies and departments to the reality of structuring content for three distinct and different audiences.

Topics: Design Services
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Botanic Garden Drupal Ecommerce Integration

At Duo, we love having clients come to us before embarking on a major project and saying they want to collaborate with us from day one all the way until launch date, and hopefully beyond. But sometimes, we have clients come to us — well, for lack of a better way of saying it — in need of rescue. They started a project with one firm and for one reason or another, they weren’t satisfied with the firm or the final product.

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