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Luke Zagata

Luke is Duo’s only remote drupal developer, but he brings a lot to the table. With long history of coding and an extensive toolbox Luke will make your Drupal site work for you. Says Luke, “After working with dozens of various content management systems, Drupal to me is by far the most robust and programmer friendly CMS platform available right now.

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Drupal, Salesforce and Community


On this blog, we've frequently talked about one of Drupal's biggest strengths being its dedicated community of developers spread around the world. These developers are constantly making updates to modules and managing the security of the open-source software so that Drupal-site owners don't have to worry about the safety and functionality of their website.

But what does that process actually look like?

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5 Drupal Modules for your Business

As a mid-market business owner, your website is crucial to your success of failure. And if your website runs on Drupal, it can just as easily help support your goals and move your business forward as it can be a total nightmare that stalls your growth altogether.

The trick is knowing what you need on your website.

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Drupal Security Kit

There is a common misconception about open-source software and security.
The thought is that because the software’s code is out in the open, it makes it less secure than proprietary software and more vulnerable to hackers. 

The reality, though, is completely opposite.

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4 Must-Have Drupal Spam Prevention Modules

Does this scenario sound familiar? You go to fill out a form online and submit information about yourself, but before you can actually hit “submit,” you have to decode a series of blurry letters.

Did you know those blurry letters have an actual name? They are called a CAPTCHA.

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4 More Must-Have Drupal SEO Modules

Recently I wrote about four must-have modules to ensure your Drupal website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is as strong as it can be. Well, the reality is those four modules will get you to a good spot in regards to SEO. If you want to be in a great spot, though, consider adding these four modules to your site.

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4 Must-Have SEO Drupal Modules

Just about every client I’ve interacted with since I’ve worked at Duo has asked a version of the same question: How do I make my site better when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO)?

When it comes to Drupal, there are a variety of modules you can use to improve various aspects of SEO

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Use Drupal 8 to Meet Web Accessibility Standards

In order to accommodate all website users, it’s essential to make sure that users who have difficulty navigating the web will be able to use your site with ease. Web accessibility considerations take into account users with visual impairment, color blindness, difficulty controlling a mouse, auditory impairment, those who rely on a screen reader and other issues that may make the internet a more daunting place.  

Topics: Development
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