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Drupal for Business

At Duo, we build connections.

Kelly Balesteri

As Duo’s Director of Operations Kelly’s works to build long-lasting, on-going client relationships. She aims to make Duo a strategic partner in all engagements (not just a vendor) while surrounding herself with the highest talent and level of professionalism in the industry. Her goals are to build and cultivate a highly collaborative, strategic & innovative thinking team, and keeping them motivated on a daily basis.

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5 Keys to Project Success

Who owns the website project management process? Is that a trick question?

Well, yes, but yes with an asterisk.

Duo usually "owns" the project process, but you also need an internal owner, single point of contact,

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How to Write a Drupal or WordPress RFP

The RFP process is a lot like Chicago’s winter weather – it’s something everyone deals with but if they had the chance, they’d likely want to change it for something better.

Well, the weather is the weather, but the good news is you can change the RFP process and do it in a way that will help you find a partner best suited to your website development and design needs.

Many companies and organizations approach the RFP-writing process with what could be called an Excel mindset --- they list a lot of things in a request, the answers to which they can then plop into a spreadsheet. Doing that, they believe, will allow them to compare all bidders on an equal footing.

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Consolidating Four Sites Into One Using HubSpot's Smart Content

How do you combine four sites into one but still display four different versions of content? The answer is HubSpot’s smart content used in a whole new way. That’s exactly what we did for Nosco.

Topics: Marketing
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3 Reasons Growth Driven Design is the Process for You

Redesigning your organization’s website can seem like a daunting task. Website redesigns have become notorious for being expensive, time-consuming, resource-sucking projects that also tend to cause some friction among team members. The fact is, the traditional web design process is broken. In fact, according to HubSpot’s “The Science of Website Redesign:”

Topics: Marketing
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