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8 Tools to Make the Most of Your Intranet

Tim ThurnWritten by Tim Thurn
Nov 30, 2016 11:26:45 AM

The most successful Intranets and extranets should encourage knowledge sharing through intuitive design. Your platform should foster communities of sharing and connect members of your organization, facilitate conversation, and enable the exchange of ideas. Your organization's intranets and extranets should be more than just a collection of text and files, they should be collaboration platforms.


Improve the way your organization acquires and manages knowledge with the following eight tools:

  • Make it fun with Gamification: Incentivize participation, such as sharing and content creation, through gameplay elements like points and badging.
  • Talk about Events: Create and share both open and private community events, but go a step further and include a conversation forum to facilitate pre- and post-event dialogue
  • Group into Groups: Give members with similar interests a place to collaborate and share. A lot of general users will sit on the sidelines, but given an area of intrigue, they are more likely to become active contributors.
  • Target Announcements: Post updates, upcoming events, and company news that might otherwise get lost in employee inboxes. Take it a step further to speak directly to users by region, interest, or more targeted segmentation.
  • Not just an Account, make Profiles: Facilitate the discovery and connection of community members, and assign roles and permissions. Use those roles and permissions to make the site a more communal content contribution space instead of a dictated set of copy.
  • Points for Knowledge Management: Archive shared knowledge and make it easily accessible through Apache Solr search. Leverage a pointing mechanism, based on user interaction, to further increase engagement by highlighting the most popular and engaging content.
  • File Sharing is Caring: Quickly share documents, presentations, and other files with community members and groups. Reduce email overhead with shared documents and announcements.

Drupal 8 provides the flexibility necessary for creating collaboration platforms that meet the unique needs of your organization. Its ability to integrate with other tools and services allows you to expand the capabilities of your platform as your community grows.

Ready to make the most out of your intranet or extranet? Learn about Duo’s focus on collaboration platforms.

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