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Why the Internet is Awesome | A Lesson from Content Jam

Duo on October 17, 2013

To track this story on Twitter follow @davideigenberg and @orbiteers.

I want you to tap into your memory and reflect on one instance of when you realized just how awesome the internet is.
Well it happened to me, and anyone else who was trolling the #contentjam feed on Twitter during today's Content Jam Conference.

In case you missed it, here's what happened:

Conference attendees were very active on Twitter today driving #contentjam to the top of the Chicago trending list.

David Eigenberg, lead actor of Chicago Fire (and if you aren't familiar the lovable and I feel undervalued, Steve from Sex & The City) was spending time on Twitter and while scrolling through his feed, realized that #contentjam was trending and leveraged the Chicago connection to promote the NBC show.

Give this guy an award, he understands how the internet works. David leveraged a Chicago community that was actively engaging with one another to plug the Chicago-based show. Bravo.

The Orbit Social Media Team stepped in inviting him to join the group for a post-event drink:



Unfortunately he declined (BUT HE REPLIED!):



The internet is awesome. Did anyone else at #contentjam follow this exchange today?


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