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Why Every Digital Marketer Needs A UX Designer

Duo on May 15, 2014

Understanding customer behavior is crucial to a company’s success. It’s necessary for marketers to know what their buyer personas need, often even before they realize it themselves. This understanding of the human mind is also crucial to a UX designer’s success.

User Experience, or UX, describes the overall experience and relationship an individual has while using a digital product or service. 

UX designers use their knowledge of customer behavior, informed by stakeholder interviews and a thorough discovery process, to make such products and services both easy and enjoyable to use.

Both digital marketers and UX designers alike have the user as the end goal, however the UX designer’s motives and mechanisms of interacting with them differ from that of a marketer. Despite the differences, operating in a separate realm is perhaps the most detrimental thing a marketer could do.

In order to be successful, marketers need to find their UX “other half” and work together as a unit.

Marketing content is the hand that’s reaching out to grasp potential leads. Blogs, eBooks, videos and whitepapers are all produced and anchored to the company site with the hope that the company’s buyer personas will come across it when searching for a solution to their individual problem. The ideal scenario involves the potential lead selecting and clicking on your content from the search results to their query.

This is where the UX designer comes in. The potential lead has arrived, but how do you drive them down the intended path to conversion and keep them on your website? Of course content is key, but there are a number of other elements at play.

designEven before they begin to read the content, visitors will be impacted by the aesthetics of a site. While the look of a website isnt’t everything, it certainly impacts a site visitor's first impression. Good design breeds credibility, and visitors will leave a site if it isn’t visually appealing; this includes readability as well as graphics. The content could be the most valuable thing in the world, but if it’s featured on an unattractive site, it might not get the chance it deserves.

Deeper than aesthetics, UX designers also play an important role in modern website navigation. They understand how to organize a site’s many landing pages for maximum ease in usability for visitors. By making navigation natural and intuitive for potential leads, it becomes more likely for them to spend time on the website browsing through other content to see what else the company has to offer.

That time, however, isn’t limitless: 57% of web users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. UX designers work to ensure that site visitors are able to transition within the site smoothly, with minimal time waiting for pages to render. Visitors’ time is valuable – rather than waste it on a lagging site, utilize a UX designer to reallocate it to the featured content.

Marketers need a UX designer to help move visitors throughout the company website. The UX designer needs the marketer to provide content, substance, and motive for the site visitor. By working together, the marketer and the UX designer can be an unstoppable team in their efforts to effectively interact with their buyer personas.  

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