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Website Redesign Done Right: Consequence of Sound

Duo on January 27, 2014

Last week, Consequence of Sound, a Chicago-based online music publication, unveiled the first phase of their new website redesign. They spent the last year working with developers at Doejo to bring the fresh, sleek interface to life. Take a look at four highlights of the announcement that describe the primary updates they made and the impact these components have on their website redesign. 
Consequence of Sound Website Redesign


In their announcement they admit that they haven’t had a facelift in 4 years (just how often should you redesign your website?). The truth is, website redesigns when done right, take time and serious planning. Conducting research and setting expectations is a vital and, unfortunately, often overlooked step in a successful redesign project. It’s clear that COS is taking their redesign seriously as they roll out new features at a gradual pace. 

Careful not to bury the lead, Consequence of Sounds begins their announcement with the fact that the new site is mobile responsive. COS understands that their readers access their site via their mobile device and are making beneficial changes based on these findings.  Consequence of Sound Mobile


In the coming weeks, more features will be unveiled including the ability for readers to subscribe to specific newsfeeds. Consequence of Sound is changing how their audience interacts with their content by handing over the keys. Content personalization is not a trend to be taken lightly. Our audiences have more information and more options for navigating their online experience than ever before. If you want to build a strong reader base, give them access to the information they want in a way that they want it. 

Here’s the cool part! Consequence of Sound shares their “…mantra, has always been to offer a one-stop shop for music fans of all kinds…” And with the announcement of a new comment system permitting greater interactivity between members, their website’s form is truly following their organization’s function. 

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