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UX: Be the 3%

Duo on June 13, 2014

UX design touches every aspect of a company’s digital presence, from development to marketing, yet remarkably 97% of websites fail to meet UX standards. In order to have successful web results, companies need to examine their current web presence and determine where there is room for improvement. Simply defined,

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products” (Nielsen Norman Group).

UX designers understand human behavior, which allows them to enhance the likelihood of keeping visitors on your site.  In truth, improving your site’s UX design doesn’t require much of an investment. By dedicating only 10% of your design budget to UX, you are doubling your website’s desired quality metrics. Consequently, by improving a visitor’s digital experience with your company, you’re increasing the chances of converting them into a customer.

The best way to start the shift is to hire a UX designer and incorporate them throughout the web development process. The trained eyes of a UX expert can optimize your company website to provide for the ideal user experience, unifying both form and function. They provide a valuable perspective to other designers, developers and marketers by bringing the user to the forefront along with the company’s bottom line.

Discover the benefits of leaving the 97% bandwagon and becoming a part of the 3% of websites that have achieved UX greatness.

UX - Why Less is more


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