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How to Become a Drupal Contributor

Duo on July 16, 2014

Drupal is behind more than 2% of all websites today and is one of the largest open-source projects on the web. There is a reason why more than a million people in 180 countries are involved with Drupal: it’s easy to get involved.

Drupal is the heart of so many websites, and the contributors keep the wheels turning. Are you ready to help keep the blood pumping? It’s not necessary to be a top-level developer or even have a basic knowledge of web coding.

Open-source software is only limited by its contributors, and Drupal never turns down help. Every aspect of Drupal, from the website to the Views module, was contributed by dedicated volunteers hoping to improve and promote the software. You can get involved, too.

No Technical Skills Required

·      Translation – speak another language? Help translate websites, modules, training guides and other documentation into that language. It helps increase exposure to those who want to work with Drupal in a language other than its most popular ones.

·      User Support – Every product requires someone to help troubleshoot problems, and Drupal is no different. Work in the Support Forums, help run the Mailing List and more.

·      Documentation – Help write guides on everything from Drupal basics to reference materials. It’s a great introduction to the software, and a great starting point for anyone who aspires to contribute modules.

·      Marketing – Promote Drupal’s brand, mission and infrastructure with your background in marketing. Market research and competitive research are essential components for keeping the software alive and growing.

·      Donate – Contributors may help out for free, but Drupal cannot run on great looks alone (darn!).

Technical Skills Required

·      Modules – Modules are what makes Drupal so highly customizable, but they cannot be the undertaking of a single person. Join a team or begin working on a new module to be added to the Drupal core software.

·      Themes – Use your creative skills to add XHTML or CSS themes to Drupal’s software. You can work on your own or with others already working on themes.

·      Development – Whether contributing code, modules, or patches, Drupal needs developers. Developers are the reason Drupal is about to release its eighth version soon – and it’s come a long way. Help keep Drupal one of the best CMS’s around.

·      Design and Usability – Your feedback helps developers and other contributors create great software. User Experience is a major factor in web development and thoughts on UX are incredibly helpful to designers.

·      Testing – Give a new module a test ride and let the developers know how it works. See a mistake? Like to see them add something else? This is your chance to help improve Drupal and keep it going.

Drupal thrives on volunteer assistance like this, and that’s what makes it so great. Check out some of the websites that use Drupal to create a customized experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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