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3 Steps to a CTA Refresh

Duo on July 23, 2014

Everything needs a refresh from time to time.

Food gets stale. Websites go out of date. And the copy you were once so proud of might have lost both its luster and its click through rate.  
When it comes to something like a Call-To-Action the prospect of a CTA refresh might be daunting, because you’re already working with so few words. But there are some easy changes that can make your copy shine again.

1. Take a look at your verbs:

Your customers are smart. They know that adjectives are easy and anyone can throw an adverb into a sentence. What really counts, what’s evocative and actionable, are verbs. In fact verbs, Media Scientists Dan Zarrella reports, generate the most shares on twitter. So spend the time making sure your using great verbs that do the heavy lifting in your CTA. Then make sure you’re not burying those verbs in your sentences, display them prominently. If your CTA already features excellent verbs, try another. 

Already used learn? Try discover.
Already used download? Try receive. 

Maybe the problem isn’t the copy, maybe your visitors just need something fresh and new. If you’re doing a good job of cultivating customer loyalty you’re probably receiving plenty of returning visitors, and they might be so accustomed to your CTAs that they’re now glossing over all your well-written copy. Give them something new to click on. Remind them you have more to offer.




2. Ask some questions:

We already know that your CTA has to call on the reader to take a specific action, but there are a number of ways to achieve this. If your current CTAs aren’t performing the way they used the answer might be in your opening.

Try asking a question. Ready to learn? Need some help? Looking for an answer? 

Questions are great openings to CTAs.  They both invite your potential customers to continue reading in order to hear the answer to the question, and they immediately address a pain point your potential customer might be experiencing. Best of all they are flexible and can be used at any stage on your customer’s journey, whether they’re looking to try out your services or just looking for more information.

3. Embrace the numbers:

In something as short as a CTA it can be hard to leverage any authority, but that’s exactly what you have to do. Your potential customers what to know that you have a knowledge base that will help them with whatever problem they’re experiencing. An easy way to do this is by using numbers. I was once skeptical of this piece of CTA advice, until I realized that you shouldn’t use just numbers.
You have to find the numbers that sum up what makes your offer so valuable.  

Are you an expert at mobile design? Find out how many users are accessing your site from their mobile device.
Are you offering a free trial of some new software? Find out how many customers are satisfied after they try.

Before bailing on content that has gone stale, try a CTA refresh to garner more views, more clicks, and more engagement.

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