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The 3 Essential Components of Website Conversion

Duo on February 5, 2014

Understand the essentials for each phase in the conversion process to turn your leads into customers.

Are you using your digital marketing site to find new leads? Are you hitting a wall when it comes to turning those site visitors into leads and ultimately customers? The formula to transition site visitors to leads is a 3-step process consisting of:

1.     Call to Action
2.     Landing Page
3.     Thank You Page

Each phase requires skill and a practiced hand in order to successfully execute. Various design and strategic elements must be incorporated into all parts of the process in order to ensure that your lead conversion route is optimal and streamlined.

Call to Action (CTA)

Your call to action, though in some aspects the smallest part of the process, is perhaps the most important. It’s the flame that ignites the lead conversion, and should adhere to the following guidelines:

·      Appropriate placement:

o   Your call to action button (or link) should be strategically located within relevant content and prominently placed. For instance, it would make the most sense to place a CTA to download an eBook about puppy care at the end of a blog about dog breeds.

·      Stand-out Design:

o   It’s easy for CTAs to be lost amongst other site content due to poor design decisions. Contrasting colors, succinct actionable copy, and a prominent size should be incorporated when creating your CTA.

·      Word Choice:

o   “Download now” or “Buy now” are standard for CTAs, but occasionally mixing it up with something more unexpected (but still relevant), such as “Begin your adventure” or “Start learning” can serve as a way of capturing your audience’s interest.

Landing Page

Landing pages are specific website pages designed to convert visitors to leads. They are the main element of the conversion process, providing reason and explanation for visitors to give you their information. Some key essentials to include (aside from captivating copy) are:

·      Strong headlines & subheads

o   If a headline is truly outstanding, consumers may go the extra length to read the following text, but more often than not people will skim over bulk copy and rely on headlines and subheads to provide insight into what you’re offering.

·      Bullet points

o   People look to bullets as key information takeaways and appreciate condensed content. Should they find the bullet point copy captivating they’ll be more likely to be interested in the rest of what you have to say.

·      Relevant images

o   Pictures are a great way to hold a fleeting visitor’s interest by providing a visual of what (or something relevant to) you’re offering. Placing a photo within a landing page enriches your written content by appealing to another sense.

Thank You Page

It’s critical that you show appreciation for your new lead and continue to service them after they’ve provided you with their information. Thank you pages should be sincere as well as helpful, showing that you care and are grateful for their efforts. Some components that you should make sure that you include are:

·      Directions & next steps

o   Depending on the content you provided them, you new lead will need direction regarding how to activate their subscription, locate their download or track their order. It’s crucial now that you cater to your new lead’s needs and ensure that you provide excellent customer service.

·      Social media share icons

o   Placing these buttons at the end of the conversion process allows your new leads to share their interaction with your company with their personal networks. By sharing, your new lead could spark interest within their connections and bring in more site visitors.   

·      A call to action

o   Your new lead just made the effort to interact with your company and provide you with their information. They’re more likely now to continue to engage, so take advantage of this (and every) lead conversion opportunity and ask them to take another step and download or order something else.

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